Watch the wonderful world of theatre and be amazed at dancers flying across the stage. Listen to the captivating sounds of an orchestra and dance to the music of your favourite band. Explore the world of pirates and knights in a museum and walk through thousands of years of history. Culture is now even more fun with you own personalised Culture Card!

Use it to attend any of the participating cultural events and artistic productions!

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First-Time Users

If you already have your Culture Card, you can Register now for free. When you register, you will be able to login with your ID Card number and Password, and access features on this site such as checking your card balance.

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My Culture Card

In your Culture Card you will have €15 to use for cultural and artistic events.

You can only use your card for one ticket per event and you must physically go to a box office to purchase your ticket and sign the receipt OR purchase online if the feature is available for the cultural event you would like to attend.

Credit that is not used in one scholastic year cannot be transferred to the following year.

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What’s on

Use your Culture Card for the events and productions in the events page.

Latest event added: The Complete History of Malta (more or less)

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